What our alumni students have to say about us

The days that I have been in this school has been the most rewarding and best learning days of my career. No one other than Mr. Dinesh can teach this gifted subject so professionally and the same time as easily that it reaches the amateur mind.


Abishek Dharshan

Premix engineer @ Annapurna studios, Hyderabad.

If you’re passionate about audio engineering, then this is the right place to kick-start your career. The teaching style makes you want to dive deeper and explore the vastness of this beautiful subject.

Dynamics School of Audio

Aditya Kamakshinadha

Percussionist @ mottamaadimusic

If it was not for Dinesh Sir, I would have never known this side of the field. I am forever grateful to Sir for all the brilliant lectures and amazing concepts. Great location, great equipments, practical knowledge and on the job work experience! In Short : “Think of audio, Think of Dynamics” – Truly the best.

Dynamics School of Audio

Ramanan Venkatraman

Owner – Arcube Records
Founder And Guitarist – Perfect Harmony, Guitarist - Dementia India
Probably the best decision I have made in my entire life I am now a successful audio engineer because of dynamics it`s has made me a better person and the most sensible way of approaching sound Dinesh sir your the best guide and best person to learn understand thank u so much and very happy to be a part of team DYNAMICS.

Iniyan CS

Premix engineer @ Annapurna studios, Hyderabad.